Working with Families of Children with Special Needs: Family and Professional Partnerships and Roles Test Bank




Author: Sileo, Nancy M.

Edition: 1

Number Of Pages: 328

Publisher: Pearson

Release Date: 07-03-2011

Details: Product Description An engaging discussion of the legal, ethical, practical, and cultural considerations of working with families of special needs children. With a strong focus on the families of special needs children, this first edition text provides students with both the information to understand the challenges and needs of these families as well as the skills and strategies required of educators working with such families. Containing a thorough discussion of the common legal and ethical concerns surrounding children with special needs and their families, this book also emphasizes the many individual differences among families. With that in mind, the authors focus on diversity in families with special needs children, cultural considerations, age, and communication with special needs families. In addition, a distinctive final chapter called “A Family’s Voice,” gives students the special opportunity to hear about the unique thoughts and experiences of a large selection of family members of children with special needs. From the Back Cover Successfully working with children with special needs is a unique challenge — but so is effectively working with their parents, siblings, and other family members. This helpful and engaging first edition text helps the reader understand every aspect of collaborating with and communicating with families of children with disabilities, from offering skills and strategies for success, to outlining the legal and ethical implications of educators’ work with special needs families. Timely and thorough, Working With Families Of Children With Special Needs takes a close look at the individual needs of different families, including families struggling with aging special needs students, families with diverse backgrounds, and families with differing perspectives on special needs education. In addition, the text provides the reader with an array of helpful learning tools and aids. Special features: · An emphasis on special needs education legislation makes certain that readers understand the most current legal aspects of the topic, including NCLB and its impact on children with special needs and their families, the Americans with Disabilities Act, and FERPA, (the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act.) · Two chapters on the historical background of families and special education give students a context in which to better understand the families of special needs students today. · Extensive material on diversity, cultural competence, and special needs education gives students the tools they need to help children and families that come from a multitude of backgrounds and experiences. · An entire chapter devoted to ethics and ethical practices as they relate to communicating and working with the families of special needs students teach readers how to abide by accepted ethical codes and standards. · Real-world scenarios and examples of how different strategies and skills can be applied when working with families of children with special needs help students reflect on how practices in the text translate to the real-life classrooms and situations. · Resources for engendering family-educator involvement provides readers with an array of current online information and hard copy sources that will help them further explore the topic of families and special needs children. · Links to the CEC and Interstate New Teacher Assessment and Support Consortium (INTASC) professional practice standards in each chapter gives readers a foundation for applying professional standards to coursework. · “A Family’s Voice” chapter highlights the varied experiences of family members of children with disabilities and presents readers with an inside look into how different families face the challenges that come with successful special needs education. About the Author Nancy M. Sileo, Ed.D. is a professor of early childhood special education at the University of Nevada Las Vegas and has worked in the field of ECSE for more than 18 years


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