Understanding the American Promise, Volume 2: A History: From 1865 Test Bank




Author: Roark, James L.

Edition: Third

Package Dimensions: 20x272x1111

Number Of Pages: 576

Release Date: 09-12-2016

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Fully comprehend what you’re reading through the inquiry-based presentation of history which drives you to take more active approach to learning in
Understanding the American Promise, Volume 2.

About the Author

James L. Roark (Ph.D., Stanford University) is Samuel Candler Dobbs Professor of American History at Emory University. In 1993, he received the Emory Williams Distinguished Teaching Award, and in 2001 2002 he was Pitt Professor of American Institutions at Cambridge University. He has written
Masters without Slaves: Southern Planters in the Civil War and Reconstruction and coauthored
Black Masters: A Free Family of Color in the Old South with Michael P. Johnson.
Michael P. Johnson (Ph.D., Stanford University) is professor of history at Johns Hopkins University. His publications include
Toward a Patriarchal Republic: The Secession of Georgia;
Abraham Lincoln, Slavery, and the Civil War: Selected Speeches and Writings; and
Reading the American Past: Selected Historical Documents, the documents reader for
The American Promise. He has also coedited
No Chariot Let Down: Charleston s Free People of Color on the Eve of the Civil War with James L. Roark.

Patricia Cline Cohen (Ph.D., University of California, Berkeley) is professor of history at the University of California, Santa Barbara, where she received the Distinguished Teaching Award in 2005 2006. She has written
A Calculating People: The Spread of Numeracy in Early America and
The Murder of Helen Jewett: The Life and Death of a Prostitute in Nineteenth-Century New York, and she has coauthored
The Flash Press: Sporting Male Weeklies in 1840s New York.
Sarah Stage (Ph.D., Yale University) has taught U.S. history at Williams College and the University of California, Riverside, and she was visiting professor at Beijing University and Szechuan University. Currently she is professor of Women s Studies at Arizona State University. Her books include
Female Complaints: Lydia Pinkham and the Business of Women s Medicine and
Rethinking Home Economics: Women and the History of a Profession.
Susan M. Hartmann (Ph.D., University of Missouri) is Arts and Humanities Distinguished Professor of History at Ohio State University. In 1995 she won the university’s Exemplary Faculty Award in the College of Humanities. Her publications include Truman and the 80th Congress; The Home Front and Beyond: American Women in the 1940s; From Margin to Mainstream: American Women and Politics since 1960; and The Other Feminists: Activists in the Liberal Establishment.”


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