Understanding Statistics in the Behavioral Sciences, 10th Edition Test Bank




Author: Robert R. Pagano

Brand: Cengage Learning

Edition: 10th


  • Used Book in Good Condition

ISBN: 1111837260

Number Of Pages: 640

Details: Based on over 30 years of successful teaching experience in this course, Robert Pagano’s introductory text takes an intuitive, concepts-based approach to descriptive and inferential statistics. He uses the sign test to introduce inferential statistics, empirically derived sampling distributions, many visual aids, and lots of interesting examples to promote reader understanding. One of the hallmarks of this text is the positive feedback from users–even those not mathematically inclined praise the text for its clarity, detailed presentation, and use of humor to help make concepts accessible and memorable. Thorough explanations precede the introduction of every formula, and the exercises that immediately follow include a step-by-step model that lets readers compare their work against fully solved examples. This combination makes the text perfect for anyone building their foundation of knowledge for analyzing statistics in psychology or other social and behavioral sciences.

EAN: 9781111837266


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