Timby’s Fundamental Nursing Skills and Concepts Test Bank




Author: Moreno, Loretta A

Brand: LWW

Edition: 12

Format: Illustrated

Package Dimensions: 32x275x1919

Number Of Pages: 936

Release Date: 28-10-2020

Details: Help your LPN/LVN students develop the understanding and clinical skills necessary for effective practice in today’s challenging health care environments with this trusted authority. 
Timby’s Fundamental Nursing Skills and Concepts, Twelfth Edition continues a tradition of excellence in preparing LPN/LVN students for success throughout their nursing education and into clinical practice. This approachable resource gives students a solid foundation in theoretical nursing concepts, step-by-step skills and procedures, and clinical applications while encouraging them to apply philosophical concepts focusing on the human experience. Filled with engaging learning tools that promote critical thinking, this new edition has been fully updated to reflect current medical and nursing practice and features visually enticing photos and illustrations that bring the information to life to reinforce learning.


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