The Economic Way of Thinking, 12th Edition Test Bank




Author: Heyne, Paul

Brand: Pearson

Edition: 12

Package Dimensions: 18x229x567

Number Of Pages: 428

Release Date: 02-01-2009

Details: Accomplish more with less, learn The Economic Way of Thinking.
KEY TOPICS:The Economic Way of Thinking; Efficiency, Exchange and Comparative Advantage; Substitutes Everywhere: The Concept of Demand; Cost and Choice: The Concept of Supply; Supply and Demand: A Process of Coordination; Unintended Consequences: More Applications of Supply and Demand; Profit and Loss; Price Searching; Competition and Government Policy; Externalities and Conflicting Rights; Markets and Government; Measuring the Overall Performance of Economic Systems; The Wealth of Nations: Globalization and Economic Growth; Money; Economic Performance and Real-World Politics; The Limitations of Economics
MARKET: This text goes beyond explaining the basic principles of micro- and macroeconomic analysis by showing readers how to apply these principles as tools. The authors expose a method of reasoning that encourages readers to think like an economist through example and application. They also show readers how not to think, by exposing errors in popular economic reasoning.


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