Sensation and Perception Test Bank




Author: Steven Yantis

Edition: Second

ISBN: 1464111707

Number Of Pages: 640

Publisher: Worth Publishers

Details: Like no other text, Sensation and Perception expertly introduces students to how we sense and perceive the world around us. Using clear and detailed explanations and highly effective illustrations the text illuminates the connections between mind, brain, and behavior in the realm of sensation and perception. Seamlessly integrating classic findings with cutting edge research in psychology, physiology and neuroscience Sensation and Perception 2e explores what questions researchers are seeking to answer to today and the methods of investigation they are using.

Sensation and Perception, Second Edition, now includes 15 chapters, including separate chapters on motion perception, perception for action, olfaction, and gustation, and a new appendix on noise and signal detection theory The new edition introduces new coauthor Richard A. Abrams (Washington University).

EAN: 9781464111709


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