Essential Entomology: An Order-by-Order Introduction Test Bank




Author: McGavin, George C.

Brand: Oxford University Press

Edition: 1

Number Of Pages: 328

Release Date: 21-06-2001

Details: Product Description An up-to-date order-by-order introduction and reference handbook for students of biological sciences in general and entomology in particular. Covers all the important groups on a worldwide basis and explains what makes insects successful. The book is in three sections: first is a straightforward introduction to insect biology; followed by a section on field work; lastly an order-by-order catalog of the insects giving essential facts and details of life-histories, highlighting what makes each order distinct. To make the material as accessible as possible, the information for each order is presented in a standard manner and is written in a straighforward style with as little technical language as possible. Essential terms are fully explained in context with marginal notes. A pictoral guide, specially commissioned by Richard Lewington, is included to aid in the identification of the orders. Review “An order by order introduction and reference handbook for students of biological sciences in general and entomology in particular. This is a concise guide to the insect orders world-wide and to what makes insects special and successful. In brief, it is an affordable, accessible, and short entomology primer that makes the differences between orders very clear.”– Entomological News About the Author Dr George C. McGavin is the Assistant Curator of the Entomological Collections in the Oxford University Museum, one of the worlds’ largest insect collections. He is also Lecturer in Biological and Human Sciences at Jesus College, Oxford and a member of the Expedition Council and Advisory Committee of the Oxford University Exploration Club. In addition to scientific papers, he has written many books on bugs and other insects for adults and children and is also known on radio and television. He eats insects regularly and currently has three insect species named in his honour. Illustrations by Richard Lewington, highly-respected and renowned insect artist


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