Essential Biostatistics: A Nonmathematical Approach Test Bank




Author: Harvey Motulsky

Edition: 1

ISBN: 0199365067

Number Of Pages: 208

Publisher: Oxford University Press

Details: Essential Biostatistics teaches students how to interpret statistical results by explaining the ideas behind statistics in nonmathematical terms. Rather than replacing longer, more traditional mathematical textbooks, this text is designed to supplement them.
With its engaging and conversational tone, this unique book provides a clear introduction to statistics for students in a wide range of fields, and also serves as a statistics refresher for working scientists. It is especially useful for those students in health-science related fields who have no background in biostatistics.


  • Explains the ideas of statistics without describing the mathematical underpinnings 
  • Designed for the many students and scientists who prefer verbal explanations over mathematical proofs 
  •  Focuses on how to avoid falling into common conceptual traps 
  • Works to point out ambiguities in potentially confusing terms and phrases 
  • Covers a wide breadth of topics in a quick and concise manner

EAN: 9780199365067


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