Environmental and Natural Resource Economics (The Pearson Series in Economics) Test Bank




Author: Tom Tietenberg

Brand: Pearson

Edition: 10


  • Pearson

ISBN: 0133479692

Number Of Pages: 632

Publisher: Routledge


Environmental and Natural Resource Economics is the best-selling text for this course, offering a policy-oriented approach and introducing economic theory in the context of debates and empirical work from the field. Students leave the course with a global perspective of both environmental and natural resource economics.

  • Gain flexibility in your course outlines: The text is organized, so that you can fit individual course outlines.


  • Use relevant material: Students identify with up-to-date information, which gives them a global perspective on key issues.


  • Engage students with self-test exercises, debates and examples: Students are able to prepare for their field and learn from an active learning path, which allows them to grasp concepts before moving though the text.

EAN: 9780133479690


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