Enterprise Information Systems: A Pattern-Based Approach Test Bank




Author: Cheryl Dunn

Edition: 3

ISBN: 0072404299

Number Of Pages: 544

Publisher: McGraw-Hill/Irwin

Details: Enterprise Information Systems: A Pattern Based Approach, 3e, by Dunn/Cherrington/Hollander presents a pattern-based approach to designing enterprise information systems with a particular emphasis on the enterprise-wide database. This edition is built on the idea that a separation between accounting information systems and management information systems should not exist. We believe patterns help people see the “big picture” of enterprises more clearly and therefore help design better systems. We believe you cannot identify anything that we need to account for that we do not also need to manage; nor can we identify anything we need to manage that we do not also need to account for. In this edition, we will show how a well-designed REA-based Accounting Information System is the Enterprise Information System.

EAN: 9780072404296


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