Database Management Systems, 3rd Edition Test Bank




Author: Ramakrishnan, Raghu

Brand: McGraw-Hill Education

Edition: 3rd

Format: Illustrated

Package Dimensions: 39x246x1860

Number Of Pages: 1104

Release Date: 14-08-2002

Details: Database Management Systems provides comprehensive and up-to-date coverage of the fundamentals of database systems. Coherent explanations and practical examples have made this one of the leading texts in the field. The third edition continues in this tradition, enhancing it with more practical material.
The new edition has been reorganized to allow more flexibility in the way the course is taught. Now, instructors can easily choose whether they would like to teach a course which emphasizes database application development or a course that emphasizes database systems issues. New overview chapters at the beginning of parts make it possible to skip other chapters in the part if you don’t want the detail.
More applications and examples have been added throughout the book, including SQL and Oracle examples. The applied flavor is further enhanced by the two new database applications chapters.


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