Behavior Modification in Applied Settings Test Bank




Author: Alan E. Kazdin

Brand: Brand: Waveland Press, Inc.

Edition: 7


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ISBN: 1577667808

Number Of Pages: 680

Publisher: Waveland Press, Inc.

Details: Continuing the tradition of excellence established in previous editions, distinguished researcher, practitioner, and educator Alan Kazdin integrates pioneering and recent research with discussions and examples for altering behavior and the conditions that influence their effectiveness. The Seventh Edition reflects several developments within the field of behavior modification, without diminishing an essential emphasis on applied research and intervention techniques. Kazdin has expanded and refined discussions of functional behavioral assessment, antecedent events and their influence on behavior, assessment options, ensuring the quality of assessment, data evaluation, and ethical and legal issues. New to this edition is an Appendix to guide a behavior-change project that focuses on applying the content of the book in everyday life. In addition to comprehensive coverage and lucid explanations of how assessment, evaluation, and intervention work together to improve the care of individuals, the text contains many learning-oriented features, such as chapter outlines that convey content, direction, and key points; practical examples of principles and techniques; an abundant number of tables that summarize important concepts; exercises for designing or evaluating a specific intervention or for changing a program that is not working; and a list of key terms at the end of the chapters. By completing the exercises and understanding the terms, students can master the core content of the chapters. This outstanding text enables students and professionals with varied interests to implement effective techniques with individuals and in contexts where behavior change is desperately needed in a world challenged by a wide range of social problems. Not-for-sale instructor resource material available to college and university faculty only; contact publisher directly.

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